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Wednesday, May 1, 2019
I have a gift for you…close your eyes please. I have a weakness for the bro-ships. Regardless of how much vagina they claim they love, the best ships are the platonic best friends with emotional dependency on each other. Your ships could never….. De las dos versiones xd mujer frisk y Kris mujer y frisk hombre y Kris hombre.
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Anonymous asked: hello! Anonymous asked: Then that means I'm free to call a lesbian a heterophobic because they aren't attracted to males! Attraction is based on personal taste, if a cishet isn't attracted to something that ISN'T a women in the first place, then are you going to tell me I'm a homophobic if I don't want to date a lesbian because I'm not attracted to a female? Oh, but if a gay man doesn't like women that's okay!
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its all gay

I Neverrrrr have pockets. The pac man cartoon sucks. Reblogged 5 years ago from waluigithebasedjesus-deactivate Originally from extremely-fit-trainer-deactivat. Reblogged 5 years ago from Originally from extremely-fit-trainer-deactivat. Tagged: ur not lame but i still like athat cartoon ,.
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Jorvik loves ALL heroes! Sounds gay. Super gay. Buulding intricate cities and a road system but having no form of written language and instead using ropes tied to other ropes and roads with likely very handsome and in shape men to communicate? I have a few hobbies!
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